Gay, Returned to Church After 38 Years

A podcast with host Richard Ostler, “Listen, Learn & Love”. Episode 314, posted with permission.

The description from Richard Ostler’s podcast states,

“My friend Leland Wilson shares his journey as a gay Latter-day Saint. Leland left the Church (and Southern Utah) around 1983 (in his late teens). Leland lived a successful life as a floral designer and had a same-sex partner for 15+ years. Leland returned to Southern Utah in 2017 and ultimately returned to full activity in the Church.

Thank you my friend Leland for being on podcast. Glad you are alive. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your story will help others. You are a good man.”

By posting this, we hope to inspire and educate others about the very real struggles gay Latter-day Saint men face.

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