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Frequently Asked

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Reparative Therapy attempts to change or modify an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity with the under-lying belief that being gay is bad, or should be changed, or is a physiological disorder in need of treatment. On the contrary, in Sons of Sacrifice we see programs that attempt to change sexual orientation as neither successful nor ethical.

We are quite the opposite in our philosophy and approach.

We will not attempt to change anyone’s sexual identity. We support individuals as they learn to live lives of integrity with their own unique identity and help them define and regulate their behaviors.

Come visit our meetings to find out if this program is for you. If it will make it easier, visit anonymously by leaving your camera off. We meet over Zoom and most weeks we have one or two men who join us this way. There is no charge to observe the meetings for a few weeks before you decide if you want to join. After three or four meetings, you will know if this is a program that will help you.

For many of us, shame and embarrassment was a huge barrier that prevented us from getting help; that or the lie, “My problem is not that bad, I can do this on my own.”

Ask yourself, “Were you determined to do this on your own two years ago, and is your problem still showing its ugly head?”

One of our graduates put it this way:

“I was so scared to go to my first meeting as I was dealing with an immense amount of shame regarding my same sex attraction. I didn’t want to be on camera as I was too ashamed to show my face, but I got up the courage to show up and show my face. In the following weeks I became more comfortable with who I am [for the first time] and was able to open up and share my story and find peace, love, and acceptance. This group has helped me to start to overcome my shame and accept and love myself as a son of God.”


We do not shame.

We condemn any program, individual, or group that uses shaming or emotionally traumatic methods in attempts to change sexuality or as a means to a healthier life.

Instead, we honor. Respect for individual choice and accountability, in all aspects of life, is essentially for healthy societies, religions, nations, families, and people. We seek to do nothing to dishonor anyone for his or her sexuality or choices.

In the first meeting of Sons of Sacrifice we went around the circle allowing each man to answer the question, “How has God blessed your life by allowing you to have attractions to men?” We had a lengthy discussion, not on the shame of the attractions, but on their advantages.

We have talked about the judgements we take on ourselves for our attractions. We have shared when we have experienced or witnessed gay bashing, or when we have been the targets of negative comments. We have also shared how we have moved through and beyond the pain this shame has caused.

We also talk about the taboo topic of being shamed by parents, or classmates, or bishops, or other church leaders, not with the intent to shame them in return, but in forgiving and moving beyond past wounds.

No! We are NOT Anti-Gay.

Anti-Gay groups promote the idea that LGBTQ individuals or those with same-sex attraction are unacceptable or harmful, or that they need to repent or change their basic sexual natures.

We reject these ideas outright.

On the contrary, we believe those with attractions to their same gender or who fall anywhere in LGBTQ identities are valued and normal members of society. We do not believe they are broken, nor do they need to be fixed, nor are they perverts. It is not our place to judge anyone for their sexual desires or behavior. That right belongs to God and his chosen judges in Israel.

We believe God is involved in the development of sexual orientation; he knows us and loves us as we are. We encourage men to set aside any fears and examine the reality of their sexuality, however God has let it happen in their lives. Human sexuality is complex and beautiful, but there are limits to behaviors acceptable to God. It may be that each person’s sexuality is as unique as a fingerprint with a broad array of attraction, and sense of beautify, and enjoyment of touch, and desire for romance, and desire for characteristics in a partner, and desire to be courted, and desire for tenderness or strength, and enjoyment of pursuit, and so on through a wide range of possibilities that all combine to make up the beauty of human sexuality. 

At the same time, God has set limits on human sexual behaviors, desires, and passions which are binding to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Thou shalt not commit adultery is not a new concept. We believe we can examine our sexuality and bridle them within our sacred covenants. Satan tempts all people to behaviors that violate God’s commandments. Acknowledging and accepting our individual sexuality is essential to emotional, mental, social, familial, and psychological wellbeing, but our behaviors need to be self-limited. We train men in techniques to reign our passions.

We attempt to avoid labeling ourselves or others into sexual pigeonholes.

Same-Sex Attracted, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer, don’t even get close to defining who a person is in the complex realm of human sexuality. We think every person’s sexuality to unique to them, each with his own sexuality fingerprint. Sexual labels can be very unhealthy and limiting.

We honor each person for their own sexuality as they choose to describe it at the time. We also support the doctrine that God has set limits to where we let our desires and passions wander.

No conversation is as personal as the decision to tell someone else about your sexual attractions.  

The Sons of Sacrifice honor this as a completely personal decision and will never pressure you to “come out” to anyone. 

Some in the group are fully out, others have not told anyone but the group, others fall everywhere in between. Although, one night we all had a good laugh when one of our regular attendees came out to the group. He said we were the only ones who knew. We were honored he trusted us enough to tell us what we all already knew. 

We view the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as God’s church on earth. It is run by Jesus Christ through living prophets and apostles.

We do not need to change our sexuality to receive full benefit of the atonement of Jesus Christ. He will take us as we are, in whatever condition we may be in on the road to him. In time, by his loving hands, if we allow him, he will lead us to become men of Christ. His path is not an easy climb, but it is the only road to true happiness.

Being attracted to men is not a sin. We choose to live according to our self-chosen beliefs and acknowledge that all men have the agency and right to choose their own moral standards by which to live.

Sons of Sacrifice teaches skills to help SSA and GBTQ men social and emotional strategies to live in the contradiction—in the gray space—between Latter-day Saint teachings and personal sexual desires.

We do this with honest and open discussions accompanied by exercises to help men processes, examine and define themselves. We meet in an online format, so there are natural limits to our group interactions.

In Sons of Sacrifice, we acknowledge and respect the reality of our attractions to the same sex. Years of stuffing our feelings deep inside only led to pain, embarrassment, frustration, and failure. We need the freedom to be honest about the reality in which we live and balance that with our faith in God and the love he gives us.

In the meetings each week, the men engage in bonding exercises, discussions, drills, and assignments intended to help men learn to live in the contradiction that comes from being  same sex attracted and at the same time to try to keep the covenants associated with being active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

We don’t pretend to have all the answers. We do have a brotherhood of support, not trying to fix anyone, but to support each other on the journey.

Men meet weekly in groups and are taught specific skills and tools to help them gain sexual self-mastery to eliminate unwanted behaviors. 

We follow the principles taught in the book, Like Dragons Did We Fight. We learn early discernment skills to recognize when we are under attack by Satan to choose behaviors outside our value system. We drill, like soldiers, to be able to respond to Satanic encounters with speed and precision. We read the scriptures and pray daily for help in leaving unwanted behavior behind and moving closer to God. We seek God’s direction in understanding how to use our sexuality to bless the lives of others.

Requirements to become VESTED: Achieve 12 weeks of no lost battles and 28 days of perfect AMANSPOWER

A Personal Warrior Trainer (PWT) will work with you one-on-one to teach you basic skills needed for self-mastery, keep you accountable, and train you on drills, flagpoles, discernment, and AMANSPOWER.

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You can attend as many groups a week as you are able for the same cost.

Once you are “vested” or have graduated, you may continue to attend mentor-led groups for as long as you like at a reduced rate as long as you keep your “vested” status.

For Sons of Sacrifice group billing questions, please call our main office number (877-437-6877) and choose the Billing Department option.

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Daily Accountability

Support from other men in your group and from online forums/apps.

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